Welcome to Just WordPress Tutorials where we create easy to follow WordPress Tutorials for you to you learn from the beginning the ins and outs to building a great website, no matter the purpose.  We will share short training tutorials for beginners in the form of blog posts, with step by step instructions and videos that will help you create an awesome optimised functional website.

WordPress doesn't have to be hard to learn or use and sometimes we understand that to learn WordPress quickly and with as little overwhelm as possible it can be better to actually start at the beginning and create step by step walkthrough WordPress Tutorials for beginners that even the most seasoned builder can use to get back to the basic.

On our website you will have the the opportunity to scroll through easy to find blog posts that help your learn WordPress as you need it. We want this website to be the go to starting point for any beginner to help create their first WordPress website with ease, spending as little time as possible and without pulling your hair out.

Our WordPress tutorials will cover the backend of WordPress where you set up pages and customize settings through to front end page design and how to create, pages, content, blog post and so much more.  We will even touch on SEO in some of our WordPress Tutorials to help give you a better chance of being picked up by the search engines, because lets face it a website you put all your time and love into is a lonely place if no-one can find it.

So if you want to learn WordPress with easy to follow WordPress Tutorials for beginners then strap in you have landed in the right place.  stay with us and watch this website come to life and grow from being a new WordPress website with very little on it to a passionate creation that helps others achieve their website work of art, while keeping it a simple as possible

Some of the Things You Will Learn

Page Creation

WordPress Settings

Plugins Why & How

Contact Forms

Gutenberg Blocks


Featured Images



Adding Video


Keywords & SEO


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